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Kunci Jawaban Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris Semua Level Terbaru

Jawaban Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris – Game Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris adalah game asah otak yang menarik, seru, dan menyenangkan. Dalam game ini terdapat banyak kosa kata seru seputar bahasa Inggris ke Bahasa Indonesia atau sebaliknya. 

Game yang dikembangkan developer Knaowsantara ini memang layak untuk dimainkan, selain menghibur pemain juga dapat edukasi seputar menerjemah bahasa Inggris ke bahasa Indonesia atau sebaliknya

Dalam game Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris ini, sudah ada banyak level yang menanti Anda, teka teki ini sama halnya dengan Kuis Asah Otak dari segi tampilanya, namun sangat berbeda dalam segi isinya. Karena pada game kuis asah otak lebih merujuk pada pengetahuan seputar hidup, kalau Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris lebih condong pada terjemah Bahasa.

Game ini juga cocok dimainkan di semua umur, karena memang isinya hanya seputar bahasa yang digunakan manusia untuk berinteraksi. Bagi Anda yang belum mempunyai game Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris ini, silakan download aplikasinya DISINI. Anda juga dapat merekomendasikan game ini pada anak, saudara, kakak, adik dan pelajar. Karena game ini sangat baik untuk edukasi.

Sering kami jumpai banyak orang yang kesusahan menjawab pertanyaan yang tersedia, mungkin karena kurang fokus atau memang kurang belajar untuk menjawab pertanyaan yang ada. Karena banyak orang yang bertanya pada kami untuk mencari tahu jawaban di setiap pertanyaan. Oleh sebab itu tim serbagratis95 akan mengulasnya secara berkala.

Namun perlu diingat, kami hanya membantu untuk memberi petunjuk untuk Anda gunakan. Jangan gunakan ini sebagai alternatif untuk cepat menyelesaikan game Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris. Karena game ini lebih menantang apabila kita dapat menyelesaikanya sendiri, tanpa bantuan pihak manapun.
Berikut merupakan kunci jawaban Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris (Knaowsantara) semua level yang bisa tim kami bisa sampaikan. Simak yuk guys!

Jawaban Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris Semua Level

Jawaban Teka Teki Bahasa Inggris Semua Level

  1. I eat rice Every day, apa arti kata RICE? Nasi
  2. Today i am really happy, apa arti kata HAPPY?. Senang
  3. Just it on TABLE. Meja
  4. It is COLD in this place. Dingin
  5. Your KITCHEN is really nice. Dapur
  6. I do not have MONEY. Uang
  7. I would like to TALK to you. Bicara
  8. My HOUSE Is right over there. Rumah
  9. Are you able to HEAR me. Dengar
  10. I am already TIRED. Lelah
  11. This FLOWER smells nice. Bunga
  12. She looks very THIRSTY. Haus
  13. This CHEESE is delicous. Keju
  14. Those Candies are too SWEET. Manis
  15. Her HUSBAND just left for work. Suami
  16. That toilet doesn’t look Clean. Bersih
  17. Where do you WORK? Kerjai went the day BEFORE yesterday. Sebelum
  18. The SHIP is leaving soon. Kapal
  19. Have you had BREAKFAST yet? Sarapan 
  20. Go ahead and drive NORTH. Utara
  21. Do you live Close by? Dekat
  22. I placed it UNDER the stairs. Bawah
  23. I am ALMOST late again. Hampir
  24. This amount is not ENOUGH. Cukup
  25. Let’s order it AGAIN. Lagi
  26. Please SEND this package. Kirim
  27. I do not have TIME for this. Waktu
  28. That big TREE is really old. Pohon
  29. TOMORROW is a national holiday. Besok
  30. I will bring my FAMILY there. Keluarga
  31. Cancer is adeadly DISEASE. Penyakit
  32. A pillow is filed with COTTON. Kapas
  33. Our country has a rich HISTORY. Sejarah
  34. Water is a LIQUID form. Cair
  35. The party upstairs is realy NOISY. Berisik
  36. The JUDGE has decided the case. Hakim
  37. His SNEEZE suprised everyone. Bersinthe bird has coorful WINGS. Sayap
  38. What an EXPENSIVE dinner! Mahal
  39. You can’t swim in that LAKE. Danau
  40. Please drink your MEDICINE. Obat
  41. I need this NEEDLE for sewing. Jarum
  42. You got here really QUICK. Cepat
  43. This LETTEr arrived yesterday. Surat
  44. The are operating on his KIDNEY. Ginjal
  45. The WEATHER is nice today. Cuaca
  46. A very expensive engagement RING. Cincin
  47. They sell really SHARP knives. Tajam
  48. Will you keep your PROMISE? Janji
  49. This ROTTEN fruit is beginning to smell bad. Busuk
  50. They say a WISE king always listens to his people. Bijaksana
  51. The bus driver is responsible for the road ACCIDENT. Kecelakaan
  52. That salesman attemted to PERSUADE me to buy a car. Membujuk
  53. During the ROBBERY, the thieves stole all the jewelry. Perampokan
  54. The maid used hot iron to smooth each WRINKLE on her boss’s shirt. Kusut
  55. Saveral planes lande at the AIRPORT after midnight. Bandara
  56. The speakers’s VOICE was so quit, people couldn’t hear anything. Suara
  57. He wanted to TOUCH the dolphins inside the aquarium glass. Menyentuh
  58. She only has one UNCLE from her mother’s side po the family. Paman
  59. My grandmother forgot yhat she already placed the kettle o the STOVE. Kompor
  60. An eggshell will SHATTER if you squeeze it too hard or drop it. Pecah
  61. Do not consume RAW meat because they contain harmful bacteria. Mentah
  62. Tha pattient had his prescriptions filled at his local PHARMACY. Apotek
  63. After the bay is born, the parent might NEGLECT the housework. Mengabaikan
  64. They were DILIGENT in the performance of their duties. Rajin
  65. Maybe a little noise would FRIGHTEN the animal away. Menakuti
  66. My sister is known to be LUCKY and won every random contest. Beruntung
  67. YEAST is an important ingredient in making bread from flour. Ragi
  68. The family called the police when they saw an INTRUDER inside their house. Penyusup
  69. The speaker is struggling to get everyone’s ATTENTION right now. Perhatian
  70. The EXHIBITION is held at the largest building in the city. Pameran
  71. The prissoner escaped because the JAIL isn’t well guarded. Penjara
  72. She loves to mix AVOCADO with milk, chocholate and coffe. Alpukat
  73. The COUPLE planning their wedding party next year. Pasangan
  74. His bag too many POCKETS, it can be confusing sometimes. Kantong
  75. The SMOKE from cigarettes are dangerous to inhale, especially for kids. Asap
  76. We tried to hit the COCKROACH, but it quily got away. Kecoak
  77. Climate and FERTILE soil have been important for this crop’s growth. Subur
  78. My mother hurt her THUMB when she prepares dinner for the family. Jempol
  79. The view fom this VILLAGE is really natural and beautiful. Desa
  80. You can already see his TALENTS in footbal from a very young age. Bakat
  81. She might not look like it, but she is a really FAMOUS celebrity. Terkenal
  82. The CHEF in this restaurant uses only organic ingredients. Koki
  83. He has to POLITE since it’s his firs time meeeting her family. Sopan
  84. Our country sacrifices many lives to gain ist FREEDOM. Kemerdekaan
  85. I brought a fishing pole, but i didn’t bring any BAIT for the fishes. Umpan
  86. The police are searching for him because he prints FAKE money. Palsu
  87. She already gave the BEGGAR some money, but he won’t leave. Pengemis
  88. Were his comment GENUINE, or simply a way to get her to like him? Tulus
  89. When a country is at war, people can be CRUEL to each other. Kejam
  90. My father is considered LOYAL to the c/ompany, he has been there many years. Setia
  91. The hill is actually not as FAR out as you might think. Jauh
  92. On the way back, my uncle sugested, we stop at the GULF for its view. Teluk
  93. Since little, he was always the most PATIENT of the three brothers. Sabar
  94. She was PASENGGER of that fateful plane that went to the ocean. Penumpang
  95. The boxer is READY to fight his next opponent this month. Siap
  96. After retirement, my grandfather found a new PURPOSE in his life. Tujuan
  97. My neighthor can be SELFIESH, he sometimes takes up so much parking space. Egois
  98. In the 16th century, NUTMEG are exlusively obtained from banda islands. Pala
  99. The glas plate was BROKEN into small piecess. Pecah
  100. She learnet to KNIT this week, and is very proud of that. Merajut
  101. Humans are a CLEVER spesies considered to ther mamals. Pintar
  102. His friend considered him MATURE even though he is younge than them. Dewasa
  103. Please stand here and COUNT all the objects in this room. Hitung
  104. My grandmother is going to RETIRE from her job this year. Pensiun
  105. The customer accidentally CHOKES on her food but she’s fine now. Tersedak
  106. She is excited after she found the ROOT of the problems in life. Akar
  107. Those workers are always WHISTLING to son while they are on the job. Bersiul
  108. The wife FAINTED after hearing her husband was on a car accident. Pingsan
  109. The could AFFORD a more expensive car but tghe still love yheir old car. Mampu
  110. I fint it ODD that they are not talking even though they live together. Aneh
  111. He is tryig to leave a good IMPRESSION when talking to a girl he likes. Kesan
  112. The are collecting all their VALUABLE thing and are trying to sell them. Berharga
  113. People say that over 90 percent FAIL on their first busines. Gagal
  114. That person sitting over there is staring and didn’t BLINK at all. Berkedip
  115. The are driving into heavy FOG but are able to get through safely. Kabut
  116. Don’t trust anything he says for he is a known LIAR arround here. Pembohongan 
  117. Old car with RUST is lying on that field abandoned by it’s owner. Karat
  118. We will not let the struggle and life of our leader die in VAIN. Percuma
Demikianlah informasi yang dapat kami bagikan terkait dengan jawaban teka teki bahasa inggir semua level yang bisa kami bagikan. semoga apa yang kami sediakan diatas bermanfaat untuk Anda.
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